Product Owner

We’re hiring “Product Owner” [Job Descriptions]

  • Deeply understand customer’s need or pain point.
  • Manage product vision for the cross-functional team, set qualitative objectives and quantitative goals
  • Coordinate with various internal and external parties to implement product vision into reality, and ensure successful product implementation according to the business requirement
  • As a leader of squad, Drive product development with a team of engineers and designers and QA. Define, monitor and analyze metrics for launched products and feed learnings back into product development process
  • Manage product backlogs and communicate a good user story to squad team
  • Interest in or experience of Agile Methodologies.

[ Qualification ]

  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience in Product Owner
  • Highly understand user personas on their pain points and find the way to solve them with a great user experience offering.
  • Super logical thinking with platform creation, development process, product design and backlog prioritization.
  • Strongly communication skill for what’s matter, why and why not to team members and stakeholders.
  • Have a startup mentality to handle many chaotic circumstances. Don’t let go until the problems are clear.
  • Work extremely smart and hard, with disruptive mindset. Get Thing Done is your DNA.
  • You have growth mind set, not afraid to un-learn and learn new things extremely quickly.
  • You have super ability to drill down to what really matters.

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